Creative Thinking, strong commitment towards a global company with a strong thrust of the effort continues. HANSAE

Worldwide in the field of non-ferrous materials will continue to grow as a global company.


HANSAE is a global corporation To provide our customers with the best values by pursuing sustainability management.

While taking into account all of the economic, environmental and social issues in balance, which do influence corporation operation and management, we will still keep on pursuing the sustainability management.


Management of quality goals and indicators
External competitiveness improvement
Achievement of customer satisfaction


Reduce waste and greenhouse gas
Optimized use of resources and energy
Minimize environmental pollution


Safety and health management system according to HSE Management System
Accident-Free Workplace


Material-based technology
Develop welding automation technology
Develop automation technologies for production facilities
Joint Cooperation and Development the long lasting insulated cable


Relationship with counterparts
Handling cost
No sideline work is allowed and public matters and private matters should be clarified
The relationship between subordinates and superiors in the organization


Employees sharing activities
Protection activities for natural resources

Human Resources

Ability to predict the future
Ability to respond to changes
Ability to perform complex features

Business Network

Using the creative pioneer mindset
and invincible willpower will make us a world-wide Nonferrous metal company.