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HANSAE is a global corporation
To provide our customers with the best values by pursuing sustainability management.

While taking into account all of the economic, environmental and social issues in balance, which do influence corporation operation and management, we will still keep on pursuing the sustainability management. In addition to financial performance such as sales and profits, conventional competitiveness indicators, we will also consider non-financial performance such as business ethics, environmental issues and society so that we can continue to grow our values.

The big three factors of sustainability management that we are interested in are: economical environmental and societal values. By pursuing corporate social responsibility, ethics management and stakeholder management, we will have a management system where everybody wins.

“Everyone working for HANSAE CO., LTD has a dream.” The executives and employees have grown together in unity to achieve our common goal and we will continue to do so and challenge ourselves. Just as South Korea has made a huge progress economically only using the strong willpower, we Dong Woo people are determined to be driven by such strong willpower and passion in the industrial nonferrous metal field.

Developed the high-strength & heat-resistant copper alloy

We developed a raw material that has three-fold longer durability compared with the existing products.

Produced the first seamless copper-nickel pipe in the nation (14″ OD368mm)

We produce OD14 inch seamless pipes with the most cutting-edge facilities as the first production in South Korea.

Developed the weight-reduced cable and cable for welding

We have witnessed the decrease in the number of musculoskeletal disorders among factory workers since we succeeded in reducing the cable weight by approximately 70%, by re-inventing the existing copper cables to be copper-aluminum alloy while maintaining the cables electrical characteristics.

Created a new pipeline process technology

With the semi-auto MIG welding technique newly developed, we were able to reduce the process over 1.5 times

“There is much room to improve for us and we are willingly taking the hard road to contribute to the world. ”

Since the land resources are being exhausted, we continue to develop a new material to improve the pipe durability used for carrying ocean resources that will replace the land resources. Surely, the to-be-developed material shall guarantee better durability than the existing product. We will proceed with the development taking price competitiveness into account with our customers’ manufacturing cost in mind.

We will develop a new alloy material for places like freshwater factory and drain piping that are directly involved in human health.