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Human Resources

HANSAE is a global corporation
To provide customers with the best values by pursuing sustainability management.

“HANSAE acknowledge the importance of people and respect the value”

“People are the future”

Right People – Appearance of HANSAE People


Global talents with international mindset such as chal-lenging spirit that can get through the era of infinite global competition, open thinking, & language skills.


Prof essionalists who take pride in their work with self – esteem, who have a sense of responsibility and seek to be the best expert in the field.

Digital talents

Digital talents who has fast and accurate research literacy ability, IT skills, and creativity for the information age.


Lifelong learners who contribute to the capacity improvement of the organization through learning, learning, convergence of knowledge by constant self-development.

Convergence creator

Creative talents who can cope with anything creatively and actively, and can lead convergence of knowledge with global thinking and capabilities, expertise, infor-mation management capabilities, and humanistic knowledge.

Right People – Appearance of HANSAE People

Ability to predict the future

Ability to respond to changes

Ability to perform complex features