Leader in the field of non-ferrous metals – HANSAE Co., LTD.

Cable Division

Worldwide in the field of non-ferrous materials
will continue to grow as a global company.

1. We supply land and marine cable including PVC INSULATED WIRE and CABLE, RUBBER CABLE, including MARINE and SHIPBOARD CABLE.
After consultation with makers, we are able to manufacture and supply offshore and shipbuilding cables including HALOGEN-FREE as well as FRAME and FIRE-RESISTANT OFFSHORE CABLE.
We possess an equipment system and supply chain that enables the immediate manufacture and supply of SCHNEIDER circuit breakers.

2. We supply shipbuilding and offshore plant cables including control cable, LAPP signal cable, and SEBANG (ROCKET) batteries.

3. We hold a patent for the liftable car-deck cable assembly system, and it has been applied to the car carrier decks since 2008.
It has been receiving favorable reviews from shipowners.